Yana ButenkoYana Butenko

As far as I can remember, I have always had a great addiction to education. Having started studying at School, I discovered that there were so many regularities, phenomena, and other interesting things in our lives. So, I could not stop to explore new fields for me. Exactly at that time, a strong desire to achieve excellence in whatever I took on appeared in my mind. As the result, I participated in various interschool competitions in mathematics, chemistry, literature and other school subjects, where I won first prizes. I graduated from the Senior High School in 2000 and was awarded a Russian Government Award for excellent education.

During my University years, I had the opportunity to go deeper into Management and Economics, as well as become more eager to discover as many of their aspects as possible. A particular interest in research activity, which I had felt at that time, soon became my passion, and stayed with me all my life, leading me to move ahead and follow a profession that I love. While studying at University, I continued to participate in different competitions and conferences at the interuniversity level, where I also won first prizes. Besides, at that time my first scholarly works were published in several conference proceedings. I was very proud of my first publications, but realized that it was only the beginning of the way to improve my writing skills, which I perfected throughout my career. I graduated from Omsk State Technical University with a Master’s degree with honours in Management. Moreover, I have been awarded a Certificate of Honour and Appreciation for active participation in social life, scientific work and excellent study at the University.

In one of my classes, which was taught by Professor Vladimir Rylov, I had the chance to know more about regional development and administration. This topic was very interesting for me, that gave me many ideas for my future research. After completing my Master’s degree in 2006, I started to conduct the dissertation research devoted to developing the adjustment mechanism of the regional policy of asymmetrically developing region. I appreciate all the help I received over the years from my supervisor Professor Vladimir Rylov, who encouraged me to explore this field. As the result of my efforts, I defended my PhD thesis and was admitted to a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Economics in 2011.

Simultaneously with my research career, in 2006 my teaching role began, when I was employed by Omsk Regional Institute as a Lecturer. Working there, I received my first experience of delivering lectures and seminars to students. It was a wonderful experience allowed me to improve my public speaking, presentation and leadership skills. Whereas scholarly activity helped to honed my analytical and research abilities, and even sharpened up my writing skills. Working with experienced colleagues, I put all my efforts to become a professional in my field. My efforts and diligence were rewarded, and I was successfully certified and was awarded Lecturer and Consultant Recognition Certificates in managerial and economic disciplines from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics. In addition, I got my promotion to an Assistant Professor at the Management Department, where I successfully worked during the following several years engaging in conducting research projects, producing scholarly publications, participating in conferences and seminars, as well as continuing to deliver lectures and practical classes, and supervise students’ research activities. As the result, I was awarded an Omsk Regional Government Award for conducting research project devoted to the issues of the Priority National Projects and a Letter of Appreciation for the outstanding contribution to work of Omsk Regional Institute.

The next stage of my career started in 2011, when I received an offer to become an Associate Professor at one of the oldest Siberian institutes – Omsk Branch of the Russian State University of Trade and Economics. Working in the previous job, I have already received an experience of writing and submitting research proposals, winning the research grants, conducting research and preparing the final reports. This experience allowed me to be a very involved team member in the new granted research projects. Moreover, this job gave me the opportunity to test my strength as a Chief Investigator. I was able to win a research grant and to be responsible for the team of five. It should be mentioned that the project was completed successfully, and met both the quality standards and estimated budget. In addition to teaching and research activities, I was a Head of Student Scientific Society, where managed its activities, supervised student research and mentored at early stage of academic career. At that time, I was awarded many different Certificates of Honour and Appreciation for my scholarly activity.

Having a tremendous desire to grow professionally and develop my skills, I left my hometown and moved to Moscow, where I was employed by one of the largest Russian universities included into the top five economic universities of the country – Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. I have been working there as an Associate Professor of the Department of Management Theory and Business Technologies (formerly known as “General Management Department”) since 2013. This job allowed me to go deeper into Management: business analysis and strategy, business management systems modelling, business technology and others. It was an invaluable experience of working with Professors, who devoted their lives to scientific research and made a significant contribution to the development of Russian science. Inspired by their examples, I have made an effort to develop my skills in numerous different ways. First of all, my purpose was to improve my research and writing skills. So, I participated as an Investigator in 3 granted research projects, including grant of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, as well as was awarded with another research grant, where my role was a Chief investigator. I published 15 scholarly works, including 6 articles in leading Russian peer-reviewed journals and 4 monographs; as well as 11 study works. For my research activity, I was included in the Encyclopedia “Famous Russian Scientists” in 2015. My second purpose was to develop my public speaking and presentation skills. Consequently, I continued to deliver lectures and seminars to undergraduates and postgraduates implementing innovative teaching technologies into the educational process. Improving my leadership and organisational skills were the last my purpose. I ran, developed, and coordinated a new Master’s degree program “Business Management”, which became very popular among students. In addition, I was an Academic Leader of University’s Enactus team and led its activity to a new level that allowed to win the Coca-Cola Hellenic’s competition. Moreover, I organised different conferences and workshops, as well as got a volunteer experience participating in organisation of Enactus regional and national competitions. For active participation and organisation of competitions, the Russian President of the International program “Enactus” Sergey Ravichev awarded me a Letter of Appreciation.

Having built up a broad range of experience, now I am much more productive in my role. All my efforts and hard work allowed me to receive these results, but I believe that the best my achievements are yet to come.