On June 10, 2013 there was a meeting of the University Academic Council, which began with the awards ceremony of annual competition “Teacher of the Year 2013”. After that the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs L. Bragin awarded to the Academic Leaders of the REU Enactus team Yana Butenko and Sergey Starostin the diplomas following the results of the regional competition stage of the International program “Enactus”. The first diploma was gained for the victory in nomination “Debut of the Year”. The second diploma was obtained for the victory in special competition from “Coca Cola Hellenic” in developing the theme: «Increase the commitment of employees to company values. The organization of the communication system between top management and company employees at the federal and regional level – “Team-Talk”».

The project developer for “Coca Cola Hellenic” was the second-year student Alena Valkova under the direction of Yana Butenko, Head of competitions arranging the international companies. They have analyzed the problem connected with bad communications between top management and employees. Moreover, they have proposed the “YOU” mechanism (Your Opinion is Unique). This mechanism allows:

  • to build an effective communication between top management and employees;
  • to create an active cross-functional cooperation;
  • to promote a search and introduction of new ideas;
  • to increase employee commitment to corporate values​​;
  • to develop a potential of employees and organization.

When awarding L. Bragin has handed the Letter of Appreciation written by the President of Enactus Russia S. Ravichev to the University Rector. In the letter it has been noted a highly skilled work staff that contributed to the organization of the regional competition stage of the International program. It has been especially noted the contribution of Vice-Deans of the Management Faculty – M. Ponomarev and P. Karasev; Academic Leaders of the REU Enactus team, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professors of the General Management Department – Ya. Butenko and S. Starostin.

In addition, there was a handing the certificates to students of the Management Faculty, which have won the International competition in the solution of business cases at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands).