The forum “Project Management” was held on June 7, 2017. The event organizer was the company “ANConferences”. The crucial purposes of the forum were to conduct a comprehensive analysis of project management process, as well as to develop recommendations for optimizing both enterprise architecture and its individual business processes.

During the forum, discussions were held on six key topics. The first topic was devoted to management models. Within the framework of this subject, participants not only analysed existing models, but also selected the most effective ones.

The second topic was the project’s business idea, which affected the possibility of attracting investments and subsequent success of the whole project. The next important aspect in the project activity is project resource management, which became the third topic of the discussions. Project cost management, including budgeting and cost control, was discussed at the fourth session of the forum.

Team is considered to be the real key to success in any field. For this reason, the fifth topic of discussion was project team management, including its creation, motivation and conflict management. The final, but not less important, topic of the forum was information technologies that contribute the automation and visualization of project management.