On July 5, 2013, there took place the International conference devoted to the issue of implementation Amectronix project in Russia. The project purpose consists in approbation and introduction the innovative educational platform into the Russian market. Amectronix platform received a support from the leading universities in the world. Through the using of platform the users in all parts of Russia will have an opportunity to receive the missing knowledge from teachers of the best universities and certificates of these universities.

Among the participants were the Founder of Amectronix platform Arthur Daylidonis (Melbourne , Australia); Head of “GreenStick” company Sergei Berezovsky (Tula); Academic Leaders of University’s Enactus team Yana Butenko and Sergey Starostin; members of the REU Enactus them (Alexander Bezyzvestnykh, Alena Valkova, Svetlana Gritsina, Yana Kolomnikova, Kseniya Malykh, Vitaly Nikitenko). The conference moderator was Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor of the General Management Department Yana Butenko.

Within the conference, founder of innovative platform Arthur Daylidonis held the workshop “Amectronix: From Idea to Traction”; project manager Alena Valkova presented the intermediate results of team work on implementation Amectronix project in Russia. During the meeting it has been discussed the further ways of cooperation, as well as the issues of information support for the project.