December 6, 2013, the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference of the students, post-graduate students and young scientists has passed. The International conference was attended by the scientists and practitioners, students and post-graduate students both from Russia and from foreign countries.

The particular interest was attracted by the Professor’s report from the California University (USA), member of the European Chamber of Science and Industry Mission in Russia and CIS, co-director of the European Centre for Innovative Management Fernando de Melo. He shared experience of business activity at the European Union, showed the Russian problem area and offered the development directions promoting the expansion of small-to-medium business (SMB).

A great number of discussions were aroused with the Professor’s speech from the Denis School at the Capetown University (Republic of South Africa) Anthony Clark. In his report he presented the results of comparative analysis between Republic of South Africa and Russia, told about the modern trends as well as problems impede the entrepreneurship development.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of “Hong Yung Logistics”, LLC Zhao Di shared implementation experience of entrepreneurial activity on the Russian market. CEO of companies’ group “Zeolite Technology” Konstantin Popov told about the distinctive features of doing medium business and going company into the International market.

Moreover, it was presented myriad interesting reports on topical issues: innovation management, management of business, modern strategies in the conditions of world economy transformation.

In addition, one of the most famous Russian business coaches for establish business contacts and mentoring Gleb Dunaevsky made a speech at the conference’s section “Management of business”.

It is necessary to note that the International conference date was chosen no coincidence. The event was timed to the 50-th anniversary of the first book on national economy planning, written by the Professors’ group from the Plekhanov Moscow Institute of National Economy.