Dear visitors of my site, I am glad to announce the opening blog.

At the present time, the world around us is developing dynamically. It does not allow us to stand, and force us constantly to move forward. We have to be aware of all the events which occur. This is why I open my blog. The purposes of blog creation are to have opportunity to discuss with you the most important and relevant topics touching upon the issue of Economics, Management, Business, as well as activity of the scientific community working in this direction.

Two years have passed since the website creation. For this period it is possible to draw a small line and sum up the intermediate results. Since 2011, on the website pages we greeted the visitors from almost all continents: Australia and Oceania, Africa, Eurasia, North and South America. Visitors from 302 cities of 55 countries around the world showed interest in the website. Only in the territory of Russia the readers living in 68 regions of the Russian Federation received the information from the site pages.

Statistical analysis of these data showed a people’s genuine interest to the issues of Economics, Management, Business, Science and Practice. Your interest has prompted me to open the blog. I hope that the events of this blog will be interesting and useful for you.