The presentation of International program “Enactus” (formerly known as “SIFE”) and Enactus projects 2013 have passed at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. This program has developed since 1975.  It is currently widely spread across the globe. Enactus brings together more than 60,000 students from over 1,600 Universities, academic and business leaders from 40 countries who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial actions to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Thus, Enactus has established the largest global business and higher education network in the world.

Thanks to this program students have a unique opportunity, working in the team with scientific consultants and business experts, to get experience of business activity;  improve leadership skills and develop their potential for leading roles in business. In Russia Enactus program appeared in 1998. At the beginning of 2013, 130 teams from 59 cities of Russia have already created. The presentation purpose was the informing of students about prospects opening by the program; forming the first REU Enactus team; describing the Enactus projects 2013, which include:

  • Project 1: “Franchising to the regions”. The project purpose is the distribution of franchises to the Russian regions by means of using modern Internet technologies.
  • Project 2: “Teatron”. The aim of project is the offering opportunities to improve the practical skills of leader and manager through thematic training.
  • Project 3: “Vocational guidance”. The project goal is the creation of conditions for distribution of innovative programs by vocational guidance. This project will help children from orphanages to adapt and survive in present-day world; determine their abilities and talents which can be used in professional activity. The central part of the project is the innovative tool of vocational guidance created by scientists of the Harvard University and the University of Nicosia according to request of the European Union.

In addition, more than 350 international corporations such as “KPMG”, “Ernst&Young”, “Walmart”, “Metro”, “Dell”, “Microsoft”, “Henkel”, “Procter&Gamble”, “Unilever”, “HSBC”, “UMB Bank”, “Danone”, “Nestle”, “BIC”, “Energizer”, “PepsiCo”, “Coca-Cola”, etc. are the partners of Enactus. Every year these companies organize the special competitions. In the 2012 / 2013 academic year were announced the following competitions:

  • “Ernst&Young”: innovative solutions in the environmental protection sphere.
  • “KPMG”: integration of disabled persons in society.
  • “PepsiCo”: innovative solutions in the field of packing recycling.
  • “Coca-Cola Hellenic”: increase the commitment of employees to company values. ​​

Head of competitions arranging be the mentioned above international companies is Yana Butenko, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor of the General Management Department. International Program «Enactus» allows to transform the theoretical knowledge of students to the practical management skills; join the efforts of students, academic advisors and business mentors for implementation of socially and economically important projects which are improving people’s lives.