The Professional Creativity Day passed at the Management Faculty of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The organizer was the General Management Department. The event purpose is the forming the fundamentals of profession “Manager” from the first-year students through the using a gaming technology.

Competition consisted of two tasks. The first task was a presentation of managerial situation developing on the basis of tales. Students must present the fairy-tale characters as members of the subject-object relationship in the management; build their interaction and organize activities directed on the solving management problems. The main criteria for the first task assessment were an accuracy of reflected managerial situation, creative approach, quality of presentation material. The second task consisted in a team construction of building models under limited temporary conditions, as well as the presentation of received objects. The following criteria were considered by jury at the second task assessment: team work management skills; ability to distribution of the duties and accuracy of their performance; interpersonal communications establishment; ability to present the received product.

The members of jury were Vice-Dean P. Karasev; Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor Ya. Butenko; Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor S. Starostin; Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor A. Varlamov; Assistant Professor T. Kobzeva, President of Student Council D. Morozova. By decision of the strict jury, student group № 1130 and student group № 1150 won in the competition. Most of all spectators’ sympathies were collected by F. Mirzoev, A. Belousova, O. Pokhil, Ju. Kiykova.

Student of group № 1110 Anna Krivenok has shared her impressions: “For the first time the Day of Professional Creativity was organized at our Faculty. The children prepared to competition with great enthusiasm. Today they presented the business cases on the basis of fairy tales. Everybody had serious attitude to tasks and at the same time creatively.  In the business cases students analyzed the situations as managers and showed creativity. On these reason their performances were fun and memorable. At the second stage, teams from each group designed and executed the building models from paper and then defended them. We learned to hear each other, work together for the result. We hope that such professional events for first-year students will become a good tradition of our Faculty”.