This Letter of Reference confirms that Yana Butenko worked in the PEI HPE “Omsk Regional Institute” permanently full-time (40 hours per week) from March 13, 2008 to November 15, 2010.

From March 13, 2008 to October 24, 2008 Miss Butenko was employed as a Lecturer, who read the economic and managerial disciplines. Her duties included the following:

  • Monitoring of modern teaching methods, literature, trends, concepts and methodologies in the field of Economics and Management.
  • Preparing high quality teaching materials, including active learning concepts.
  • Conducting lectures and practical trainings, tests and examinations in economic and managerial disciplines not only at undergraduate and graduate levels, but also for supplementary education programs attendees.
  • Managing and consulting masters and bachelors about qualification thesis.

Yana Butenko has demonstrated a high level of qualification and interpersonal communication skills and also the ability to function well in a multidisciplinary environment, therefore since October 25, 2008 she has been promoted to the position of a Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Economics and Management and an Assistant Professor at the Management Department. For the performance of her work at high professional level since January 12, 2009 Miss Butenko has been elected as a Dean of a new Faculty of Advanced Training and Professional Retraining. Her duties, in addition to teaching duties, included, but were not limited to:

  • Managing educational, methodical and scientific work of the Faculty, including holding the State Attestation Commission.
  • Developing and implementing of effective learning and teaching practices within the Institute.
  • Coordinating and developing of curriculum for students and attendees.
  • Undertaking high quality research in the fields of Economics and Management; publishing results of these research in reviewed editions.
  • Supervising research projects of masters, bachelors and attendees.
  • Involving in professional activities, including attendance at conferences and seminars in the field of Economics and Management.
  • Consulting companies Heads about commercial activities organization issues (economic and managerial aspects).

It should be noted a number of achievements received by Miss Butenko during implementation of her activity:

  • Opened new courses and specialties at the Faculty, required receiving appropriate accreditation.
  • Introduced the Quality Management System at the Faculty according to the requirements of International Standards in Higher Education.

Within the period of work at the Institute she has proved to be competent, tactful, conscientious and creative Lecturer; qualified, purposeful and strategically thinking Manager. In her work Ya. Butenko combines both knowledge of theoretical, legal and methodological foundations of Management and Economics, and modern trends of science on Management and Economics development. Besides, Yana Butenko has actively engaged in scientific work. She has published a great number of scientific, educational and methodical works which are used at the Institute for implementation of educational process on economic and managerial disciplines.