Yana Butenko has been permanently full-time employed (40 hours per week) by Omsk Institute (branch) of the Russian State University of Trade and Economics since September 1, 2011. She started working as an Assistant Professor of the Commerce and Logistics Department. For active participation in educational, scientific and methodical work and for high professionalism since January 1, 2012, she has been promoted to the position of an Associate Professor of the Commerce and Logistics Department. In addition, during the whole period of work (from September 1, 2011 to August 20, 2012) Yana Butenko was a Head of Student Scientific Society of the Department. Her duties included:

  • Teaching in different disciplines on Management and Economics for students of undergraduate and graduate programs;
  • Remaining up to date with current literature and methods relevant to the field of responsibilities;
  • Managing and consulting students about diploma thesis;
  • Participating in organization of educational, scientific, methodical and tutorial work of the Department, including completion of curriculum, educational and methodical complexes, work programs, planned schedules, individual plans and annual reports;
  • Conducting research in the sphere of Management and Economics, writing research works both together with other Professors, and with students;
  • Managing activities of Student Scientific Society of the Department, supervising students research and mentoring at early stage of academic career;
  • Publishing research results in scientific journals ;
  • Attending at conferences and workshops as pertaining to competence.

During her work Yana Butenko has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, initiative and managerial skills, therefore since May 2012 she has been elected to the position of a Head of the Management and Marketing Department. At the position of the Head of the Department the listed above official duties were added with the following:

  • Managing educational, scientific, methodical and tutorial work of the Department, including distributing academic load of the teaching staff;
  • Coordinating operation of the State Attestation Commission;
  • Making annual reporting and planned documentation about educational, scientific, methodical and tutorial work of the Department.

Besides the duties stated above, during the period of work she also has carried out the following activities:

  • Published articles in main reviewed Russian journals ;
  • Participated and organized scientific events of different levels;
  • Introduced innovation technologies in educational process and prepared teaching materials of high quality, including development of presentation materials on all readable disciplines;
  • Played an active role in maintenance of academic standards and in development of educational policy;
  • Improved her pedagogical and professional skills at advanced training courses;
  • Implemented policy in the field of quality (QMS) according to the requirements of International Standards ISO 9000 series and European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

Yana Butenko is held in respect of professors and students. During her work she has earned a reputation of a responsible and hardworking employee and contributed to the achievement of the University strategic objectives. For the future, she has potential opportunities that she can successfully realize.