Yana Butenko has been permanently full-time employed (40 hours per week) by Omsk branch of the Russian State University of Trade and Economics since September 1, 2011. During the working period (from September 1, 2011 to August 20, 2012) Yana Butenko was working as an Associate Professor of the Commerce and Logistics Department, as well as was a Head of Student Scientific Society.

Her duties included:

  • Preparing and delivering lectures and seminars on Management and Economics;
  • Remaining up to date with current literature and methods relevant to the field of responsibilities;
  • Managing and consulting students about degree’s thesis;
  • Participating in organisation of educational, scientific, methodical and tutorial work of the Department, including curriculum development; producing teaching materials, work programs, planned schedules, individual plans and annual reports;
  • Conducting research in the fields of Management and Economics, preparing and submitting research proposals both independently and together with other researchers;
  • Publishing research results in scientific journals;
  • Attending at conferences and workshops as pertaining to competence.
  • Engaging in work of the University and the Department, including participation in work of the Academic Board.

During her work, Yana Butenko has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, initiative and managerial skills. Moreover, she has received the following achievements:

  • Participated in granted research projects, which were won both collaboratively and individually;
  • Published 9 scholarly works, including 2 articles in leading Russian peer-reviewed journals and 1 monograph;
  • Organised and participated in 6 scientific events of different levels;
  • Introduced innovation technologies in educational process and prepared teaching materials of high quality, including development of presentation materials on all readable courses;
  • Managed activities of the Student Scientific Society, supervised student research and mentored at early stage of academic career;
  • Improved her pedagogical and professional skills at different courses.

Yana Butenko is held in high regard by Professors and students. During her work, she has earned a reputation of a responsible and hardworking employee and contributed to the achievement of the University strategic objectives. For the future, she has potential opportunities that she can successfully realise.