In 2000, Yana Butenko entered the Faculty of Economics and Management at Omsk State Technical University. In 2006, she graduated from the University with a master’s degree in State and Municipal Management. During her study, she has proved to be clever, disciplined, efficient student that allowed her to graduate from the University with honors. In addition to the first degree, Yana Butenko received the second master’s degree as English translator in the field of professional communication.

Since 2005, Ya. Butenko has been actively engaged in scientific activity. During the development of the thesis on theme “Improvement of the system of preparing and passing of normative and legal acts in Omsk City Council” she has published several scientific articles. She has strongly pronounced propensity to research and creative work demanding non-trivial approaches and solutions. For this reason, she was granted with the Certificate for active participation in public life of the Department, scientific work and excellent study at the University.

In 2006, after graduation from the University Yana Butenko began her Ph.D.  thesis under my leadership. For the period of education and carrying out dissertation research, she has proved to be highly skilled, intellectual, legally competent, hardworking and scrupulous specialist capable to carry out research at a high scientific level. In 2010, Yana Butenko defended her Ph.D.  thesis. In 2011, the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation granted her with an academic degree of Ph.D. in Economics.

Since 2005 to the present time, she has actively carried out research activities:

  • Researching, analyzing and assessment of economic situation at the international and all-Russian level;
  • Monitoring of legislation, books, scientific journals and other sources for maintenance of competence in management and economic issues;
  • Carrying out scientific research at a high scientific level;
  • Writing scientific articles and research reports;
  • Participating in international and all-Russian scientific conferences, round tables and workshops.

At the beginning of 2011, Yana Butenko has published 55 scientific works that characterizes her as a dynamically developing scientist. Some her works were accepted by the Authorities of Omsk region to further realization. The Letter of Appreciation from the Government awarded to Yana Butenko testifies it.